In Schola we are proud to have developed our own core curriculum, enhancing key educational values and philosophies that allow each child to bloom, discover their own interests and explore their full potential in a safe and caring environment.



All children are innate helpers, they are eager to contribute and engage in the everyday activities they witness at home. At Schola International we give them the opportunity to take part in those activities and practice their skills in an environment that fits their growing curiosity. Our Skills of Life Work Cycles and activities invite students to perform the same activities they see at home. Through these activities the child develops concentration, independence, responsibility, sense of self-fulfilment and executive skills, as well as fine and gross motor skills.



In Schola International we celebrate our students unique and shining personalities and strive to give every child the opportunity to create and express their individuality in artistic ways that will expand their creative horizon. Through our Creative Expression Work Cycles, we encourage students to own the creation or activity they are engaging with. By doing this they are also learning to pursue their vision and own their work effort and choices, try out new ideas, discover new ways of thinking and explore problem solving in a fun and creative manner.



In Schola International we nurture all aspects of our students growing minds and bodies. We see each child as an individual eager to discover himself and explore and learn from the world that surrounds him. We encourage Experiential Learning, Self-Guided Learning, and Community Engagement by forming a strong network of committed families and teachers working together as a team to help our children bloom into the wonderful, kind, and helpful human beings they are destined to become.



Outdoor Work Cycles are a fundamental part of our student’s daily routine. During these Work Cycles students are encouraged to engage in the outdoor world that surrounds them enabling them to grow their curiosity and discover new learning material. Connecting with nature and exploring all that nature has to offer is a continuous hand-on and full sensory experience which our students get to enjoy every day. In Schola International we encourage our students to actively engage in nature appreciation and environmental conservation.



Language development is a vital foundation of our curriculum. Research shows that the best time for mastering multiple languages is during early childhood. Children who are exposed to multiple languages during the early years of brain development are more likely to be proficient not only in language development and communicational skills, but also in cognitive and social-emotional skillsets.
In Schola International our students are exposed to three languages: Spanish, English, and French. Our Lead Teachers are native speakers and during their Work Cycles they speak entirely in their native language, this way Language acquisition is achieved through everyday fun and engaging learning activities.
In Scola International we have created a multicultural learning environment and believe in the importance of nurturing children to embrace cultural diversity. Learning about other cultures expands the children’s understanding of diversity and respect for others.



Being a micro-school our teacher to student ratio allows for plenty one-on-one time and permits the Lead Teacher to personalize academic learning activities to each students’ abilities and work preferences. Through ongoing assessments, we make sure all students are on track with their age appropriate academic and developmental milestones .